time for You

balancing breath, body and mind

VaYou is the world's first dynamic sound biofeedback system for your smartphone.

It helps you to a clear mind, relax deeply and sleep better.

VaYou mirrors your breathing with sound. Every inhale and exhale creates a sound flow reflecting You and your current state of being.
You can use it to be more aware of your breathing, breathe deeper or follow a breath pattern, but You don’t have to.
Simply listening to your breathing sound flow will help You to get your mind clear and relax profoundly in an incomparable way.


Bio feedback

Unlike other biofeedback devices VaYou provides a very direct and customizable response – without the need to intellectually “understand” it. You  just listen to Your sound flow – all else develops.


Evidence shows that your breathing is deeply linked to your well-being. VaYou dynamically creates a sound flow which exactly represents your breathing in order to unfold its profound effect.


For thousands of years sounds have been used for their beneficial effects on mind and body. VaYou takes the old wisdom into account. You can even choose a breath pattern and VaYou creates a sounding PACE for you – no need to look at the screen anymore.


The immediate and very smooth sound feedback allows You to just “be with the flow” and enjoy a very balancing experience without the need to do anything specific. Breath plus sound has sort of a magical effect.