A Sound Heart with HRV

Vayou’s realtime sound biofeedback enables you to flow with a sound heart.

Regularly stimulating the variability of the heart (HRV) has many healthy, therapeutic and rejuvenating effects. Especially when done effortlessly and regularly there is a lasting training effect. 

Under normal circumstances the elaborate VaYou-technique is able to detect your actual heart rate directly from your belly! This information is used in VaYou’s realtime biofeedback algorithms. Please note, the accuracy of this measurement is dependent upon blood-pressure and BMI. For good results you have to be still, without movement and preferably in a lying or reclined position.*

At the end of each VaYou Flow Session you can choose “CURVES” to see a graph showing the detected belly pulse and its fluctuations, the so-called Heart Rate Variability.

Curves displayed after a VaYou Flow session. The lower curve shows a prominent Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is synchronized with the breath flow (middle curve).


HRV stands for Heart Rate Variability. In short, a healthy heart does not beat absolutely regularly. A heart rate value of e.g. 60 beats per minute (bpm) is always meant as an average value. In reality, the heart rate is not stable and this normally is a good sign! HRV stands for the ups and downs around an average heart rate. Most smart watches like the Apple Watch display the current average heart rate.

The most prominent aspect of the HRV is the following: the heart tends to beat with more variability when you breathe slowly “into your belly” – the so-called diaphragmatic breathing.  Don’t worry! It is very likely that you already do this to some extent unconsciously – breathing more with your diaphragm, especially when you are in a relaxed state. And exactly this healthy belly-breathing is stimulated and enhanced by receiving the realtime sound biofeedback of VaYou in LIVE-mode.

Breathing with VaYou enhances your HRV over a course of time in a healthy direction. Preferably you will use the modes LIVE1 or LIVE2. When moving in traffic or when you want to breathe at a certain pace you will use the PACER mode and set your preferred breath rate in the VaYou Settings.

* The iPhone must not lie on a trouser-belt. It has to be as directly on your belly as possible, right under the navel. [link to photo How it works / belt]  If you wear a belt or a tight trouser it is best to slightly loosen it such that the iPhone is not too firmly pressed on the belly by belt or trouser. You can check, whether the pulse-detection works for you, by watching your CURVES right after each VaYou Flow Session. Should you see no graph for the heart rate, a proper detection was not possible for the last session. The most common reason for this is  improper placement of the iPhone. Other possible reasons are: very high BMI, very low blood pressure or a current and intense heart rhythm disorder. Please note that VaYou is no diagnostic tool! In case you suffer from heart rhythm disorder, you will benefit from breathing with VaYou Flows.  

A sound heart ~ with VaYou realtime sound biofeedback ~  just 5+ minutes daily