VaYou research program

This program is based upon the research work we have begun in 1995 which was enabled by our RealTime Biosignal Workstation (OS Nextstep).

VaYou focussed research was established in 2017 and is sub-divided into five realms:

  1. Breath-sound-mind feedback/feedforward as educational tool for the topics mind-health, self-awareness, body-mind-relationship and heart rate variability (HRV).
  2. Biofeedback assisted meditation: Establishing the means for breath-sound-feedback as an effective tool for easing and guiding the path to breath-awareness meditation.
  3. Sound-mind-breath interdependence: We found a range of factors contributing to the interrelationship between sound-qualities and algorithms on the one hand and the promoted patterns of breath, mindset, emotional qualities and states of consciousness on the other hand. This vast potential needs more detailed scientific research.
  4. Vayou as therapeutic tool for patients with cerebral coma. There are indications that comatose patients can gain healthier states of consciousness by the structured application of specific VaYou-flow-programs.
  5. Elaborating treatment programs where VaYou is a complementary body-mind-therapy for anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, chronic pain and other “psychosomatic” and psychiatric disorders.

If you are a professional in medicine, psychology, psychotherapy or HRV-related topics and you are interested in doing research with VaYou in combination with methods or treatments you already apply, feel free to contact us at:

Current VaYou Research

At the sociomedical center of Vienna, Austria*, the Otto-Wagner-Hospital (OWS) Vayou is in use as a supplementary therapy. It is utilized to complement the medical and psychotherapeutical treatment of various kinds of psychiatric disorders. Positive effects and a good patient-adoption are reported for anxiety, depression, borderline syndrome and mild forms of schizophrenia.

A scientific investigation is currently in preparation. It shall reveal some of the patterns which can be found in combining parameters like patient-personality, diagnosis, current mood, the applied Vayou~Flow in combination with the changes of breath- and heart-activity and dimensions of subjective benefit.