Relieve your symptoms

By breathing with VaYou’s sounds – generated directly by you – and with realtime biofeedback, your mind gets a completely new focus. This connection of breath, sound and mind is the key for transcending unwanted feelings, thoughts, body-sensations, and even over-activated heart-activity. The best thing: by just receiving and letting things flow ~ VaYou harmonizes you.

Your mind deeply connects with your breath-flow by just listening ~ nothing else is necessary. By applying VaYou you can relax completely and just experience the subtle changes that take place within you ~ the breath finds its own beneficial rhythm ~ the mind connects and calms down ~ a very deep relaxation follows.

VaYou users report helpful and positive effects in conjunction with the following symptoms or “topics”:

Apply VaYou on a regular daily basis when you want to experience more enduring positive effects.

Numerous research has shown that a regular slightly slowed breath-flow has measurable beneficial effects on both body and mind. There is a vast range of methods known from predominantly asian traditions as well as “western” relaxation and breathing techniques. 

The speciality of VaYou lies in the sonification of the breath flow. This accounts for its linking effect on mind and body. The awareness is drawn towards the breathing-process and away from not helpful thoughts, feelings and emotions. At the same time the breath~flow becomes more and more regular and finds its own beneficial rhythm that suits this very moment.

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