Find Flow & Focus

VaYou makes your mind sound, still and free. A couple of minutes flowing “into your zone” enhances focus, mood, creativity and concentration.

How can You with VaYou accomplish this?

Sound-biofeedback assisted breath awareness

When you breathe-in VaYou LIVE generates a corresponding sound in realtime ~ when you breathe-out another one, slightly different in flavour. VaYou performs a sophisticated transformation of your ongoing breath into sounds. Via headphones these sounds stimulate your eardrums and the auditory center in your brain.

Without any conscious effort your brain realizes that these sounds are steered by your breath-flow and by continuous breathing, sounding and listening a feedback loop builds up. A self-regulation process is set in motion which also includes the respiratory center, located in the brain-stem. Your breath-pattern slowly begins to adapt by itself in such a way that sound- and breath-flow are perceived as ONE ~ the experience of a centering and relaxing flow.

Breath flow curves (derived from nose/airflow, thorax and abdomen/belly)


Almost automatically the mind is freed from thoughts and unwanted emotions, it gets absorbed by the “breathing sounds”. VaYou’s sound-biofeedback  assists the process of breath awareness in an aesthetic and engaging manner.

An effortless path to breath awareness meditation

It is much easier to “stay with the breath” by the assistance of breath-sound-biofeedback. Well suited for this purpose are the VaYou Flows with not too complex sounds, like Air fraiche, Long River, Symbiosis or Shaku. The various sound-algorithms add a new dimension to conscious breathing. By their difference in character they are able to shape this body~sound~mind process in one or the other direction. Whether you sit or lye during the session also makes a big difference. We recommend to try both and observe the effects. It is worthwhile to develop ones most suitable posture, according to the individuals purpose of applying VaYou.

A range of positive effects has been reported for VaYou’s breath-sound-mind linkage: states of serenity, more neutral or pleasant emotions, a freer mind.

By regular consumption of VaYou users experience more creativity and a better ability to focus their “sound mind“.